Villa dei Pisoni

It is the largest site in the Park: a very rich villa, built towards the sea by one of the most important
families of the Roman Senate: in fact, thanks to an inscribed pipe found here, they were the
original owners. With Nero we, precisely because of the conspiracy that took its name from the
same family, the entire complex passed to the imperial state property and was more transformed:
today it is possible to visit the majestic vaulted colonnaded portico, probably wanted by the
emperor Hadrian, who was also assiduous. Baia-goer. Here too there is a small spa facility, and
some rooms are decorated with colorful mosaics, but the real pleasure is getting lost in the
majesty of the remains.
An interesting appendix to the visit is also represented by the pilae, that is the large breakwater
pillars that defended the villa from storm surges. A forest of large blocks arranged randomly, in
which to fin at a slightly greater depth, between 9 and 15 meters, together with the rich vegetation
and fish that have colonized this ancient slice of the sea.