With the publication in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic n ° 288 of 9/12/2002, the
Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory, in concert with the Ministries for
Cultural Heritage and Activities, Infrastructures and Transport, of the Agricultural and Forestry
Policies and in agreement with the Campania Region, has established the Submerged
Archaeological Park of Baia, equivalent to a protected marine area and located in the waters of
Baia, located in the Gulf of Pozzuoli.
Its establishment was expected as a necessary tool for the protection and enhancement of an
area that was in danger of disappearing due to continuous damage to the ancient submerged
structures, both for the illegal dockers of Portus Julius and for the boats that freely anchored
themselves even on ancient mosaics.
The Submerged Park of Baia extends between the head of the southern pier of the port of Baia,
which coincides with the OMLIN pier, and the head of the pier of the Lido di Augusto located in
the Municipality of Pozzuoli.
The plan of the area divided into three zones is attached to the instituting law: "A - B - C", where:
• zone “A”, including the stretch of sea in front of Punta Epitaffio, is an integral reserve;
• zone “B”, comprising the stretch of sea located between Lido di Augusto and Lido Montenuovo,
is a general reserve;
• zone “C” includes the remaining maritime areas which are of partial reserve.
In each area, depending on the degree of protection, certain activities regulated by the law are
Pending the entrusting of the management of the park to public or private entities, pursuant to law
no.388 of 23 December 2000, the management is provisionally entrusted to the Archaeological
Superintendency of the Provinces of Naples and Caserta, which makes use of the Harbor Office
for the surveillance Port of Naples and the Carabinieri of the nucleus of archaeological heritage.
The area is delimited by means of signaling buoys, so that anyone can easily recognize the
protected area of the park. The institutional documents are attached below for further information.
Download the establishing act of Baia Underwater Park.
Decree of 7 August 2002 (pdf, 37 KB)
Download the cartographic map of Baia Underwater Park.
Cartographic map (pdf, 74 KB)